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Buzz! PS Wanchai Soi "Rashford" from Manchester United.

Paris Saint-Germain has reportedly wanted to grab the striker Marcus Rashford from the Manchester United Football Club of the Premier League to join the army in the football market. The coming round, when the style of this England striker is pleased with their manager Thomas Tule. As reported by Indeed, the media's elite

, said the media think that Rachel Ford is a jigsaw puzzle that will fill PSG's offensive line with a star like Nehru. And Marilyn Mbappe are perfect for their fast-paced style of play.

Rachford has become PSG's top target in the player market, which has also pointed out that the English league does not know how great they are. But predictions from the media indicate that it may require an enormous deal of up to 100 million pounds if hoping to let the Red Devils release this football from Old Trafford's nest

. Show appreciation for direct play Diversity in roles And playing for Rashford's team will help promote players like Neymar and Tiliyan Mbappe that are on the team. In addition, they may also be used as a representative for Embappe in the event that the French Wonderk decide to say goodbye to the team in Real Madrid in the future.

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