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Downgrade? The UDD team, Son, pull Linard strengthened

The Independent British media said Jesse Lindard has become one of West Bromwich Albion's top interests after "The Baggies" are looking at the team in the event of promotion to Premier. League can be 

West Bromwich Albion, the English club in the Championship, is thinking to bring Jesse Lindard to Manchester United to join the league if they have the right to play in the Premier League. England after the end of this season, according to The Independent. The leading media of the city's elite.

    Lindard has completely lost his future with Manchester United after no name, even as a substitute in the last 3 matches. The last game he played for the team was the FA Cup semi-final. The agency slashed Norwich City 2-1 in extra time on 27 June ago.   For the West Brom, currently the second rank of The Championship, the quota that will be promoted automatically. After collecting 80 points from 42 appearances, 4 points higher than Fulham in the 3rd place, but "The Baggies" are playing less than 1 game. Ham United, Leicester City, Everton and Newcastle United are rumored to be interested in the 27-year-old.

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